The need for cybersecurity has never been greater. The ever-expanding threat landscape has made it absolutely imperative for organizations to make protecting their organization’s data and assets a priority rather than an afterthought. 

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Adopting a Top-down Cybersecurity Approach

With the evolving business terrain, adoption of remote practices, and migration to a cloud-based infrastructure, more organizations are at risk now than ever. For organizations to thrive, cybersecurity must become ingrained with company culture, core business processes, operations, and infrastructure.


Secure Remote Access

Employees and Vendors may need to connect to an organization’s network remotely. Unfortunately, personal devices can become targets for hackers and may become a vulnerable link when used to access an organization’s network. Zoracom’s Endpoint Security adds a layer of defense between remote devices and business networks hence warding of cyber attacks.

Proactive Detection of Anomalies

It can be difficult to identify anomalies in a network without a baseline understanding of how that network should be operating. Zoracom’s Network Anomaly Detection Engines (ADE) allow businesses to analyze their network, so that when breaches occur, it will be easier to alert network administrators to activate quick mitigation strategies.

Access Control and Automation

Zoracom’s Network Anomaly Detection Engine prevents unauthorized access to network infrastructure. We achieve this by granting silos of access to designated staff. When threat actors can’t access a network, the amount of damage they’ll be able to do becomes impossible. However, authorized users can also be potential threats. Zoracom’s Access Control Technology allows businesses to increase network security by restricting user access to network segments that directly apply to users’ responsibilities.

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