Businesses today depends on both the logical and physical data interconnections of several applications from various vendors. Failure of one or more application may affect the service delivery for the business or organization in question.

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Managing Application Interdependencies

There are many reasons why organizations operate a silo of applications from various vendors. These applications perform various operations which are supposed to be in sync with applications from other vendors. The interdependencies created by coupling several applications require proactive database management since failure of one or more software may affect business operations. To forestall this, organizations install fail-over policies.

Traditional Failover Policies are now Obsolete

Traditionally, the only way to know if a failover policy is implemented correctly is to test it — pull a cable or shutdown a machine. Zoracom’s predictive fault management makes it possible to know in advance if data centers are implementing best practices. Our predictive fault management enables administrators to know in advance if any issues are going to cause application downtime.

Adoption of Network Segmentation

Zoracom offers automated and pro-active root-cause & impact analysis to enable network teams to observe and isolate faults within the network BEFORE they happen. One of the ways we achieve this is through Network Segmentation. Our Network segmentation technology allows businesses to grant the right access to the right traffic, while restricting traffic from suspicious sources.

Automated Solutions for Organizations

If a network failure does occur, Zoracom’s Automated Dashboard Architecture can roll back the changes and quickly restore the state of the data center to the previously known good state. Hence, our Predictive Fault Management and Automated Dashboard Roll-Back Architecture enables businesses to implement a multi-level, hierarchical controller cluster that delivers scalability that creates intent-driven policies.

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